Optical Flats

We manufacture a full range of Optical Flats from 25mm diameter up to 600mm diameter. Optical Flats are precision polished flat surfaces used as a reference to determine the flatness of a surface that needs to be tested.

We offer these in Fused Quartz or SCHOTT ZERODUR® to a flatness specification of both single-sided and double-sided lambda/4, lambda/8, lambda/16 and lambda/20, depending on the size of the optic.

All our Optical Flats are supplied in a wooden storage box with interferograms. Other sizes and custom shapes, such as rectangles and donuts, are available on request. We hold a range of Optical Flats in stock that are available for immediate shipping.

Recalibration and Refurbishment

Further to our range of Optical Flats we also offer recalibration and refurbishment services on any Optical Flat, it does not need to be initially purchased from us. Optical Flats may get damaged over time and include chips and/or scratches that will affect the accuracy of testing.

All recalibrations are supplied with interferograms. If the Optical Flat cannot be recalibrated due to being out of flatness specification, or if the surfaces have so many scratches that we cannot achieve a suitable flatness reading, then we can offer a refurbishment service.

Refurbishments are generally used when the damage to the Optical Flat is too significant for recalibration. This would include chips and/or deep scratches. We grind the surfaces and chips then polish the Optical Flat to the required flatness specification. All refurbishments are supplied with interferograms. Refurbishment is more suitable and cost effective for medium to large Optical Flats.


Key Facts

  • Various sizes, shapes and flatnesses
  • Supplied with interferograms
  • Recalibrations and Refurbishments available
  • Fused Quartz or SCHOTT Zerodur



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